Horse & Cart Hire


We started the business over 20 years ago in 1991 in Buckinghamshire, moving to North Oxfordshire in 1997.

We’ve done countless children’s parties, jolly pub crawls, family days out, weddings, funerals, Fete’s, even  acting, you name it.  So many great memories and stories to share.

Our first Heavy Horse was a Shire we named Sydney, a character and true to himself.  He was what’s known in the ‘trade’ as ‘forward going’.  Or in layman’s terms, a potential handful.  Which had the double bonus in that we had to learn fast, but also that ‘Mad Syd’ was always willing to pull our original wagon up the hill next to our home, the only way out.

There followed many tales and adventures, with Syd being joined by Arthur, a massive 19 hands but, as the lady he came from said, always a ‘true Christian’.  With our pre-war Norfolk farm cart renovated and adapted, longer journeys could be undertaken, with the annual excursion being spending a week walking into London for the Battersea Harnessed Horse Parade. 

Sadly our original friends have now gone, and our move to Oxfordshire brought new friends who have served us well.  Though as we can only ask for a few seasons of them walking the hard roads, we’ve had the privilege of growing close to a number of these awe-inspiring creatures, both Shires and Clydesdales. 

I am often asked whether they enjoy their work.  Working so closely with them you learn both their characters and their moods, always so varied.  There are days when you know they would rather be in their field, kicking their heels.  But invariably they come so very willingly, and seem to enjoy the company, variety and the hard work.  Let’s face it, if one ton of heavy horse didn’t want to work, there’s not a lot you could do about it.  So we always know they join us and work with us with a willing and sturdy heart, and who can ask for better than that.

Recent years have seen us add to our wagons, with a wonderful 5-Glass Landau for weddings and special occasions, and a truly cosy Gypsy top, complete with  wood burner, for the winter.