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2015.  Daisy set off on 'Daisy's ExPlodition' (see her Blog on Facebook under that name) on May 18th to visit her family in the Lake District.  The round trip, with her pair of Brabants (Belgian Draft horses) and gypsy style travelling waggon, covered some 500 miles, and took some 70 days.

2018. Now Daisy's set off again, starting on April 22nd, this time travelling due North – as far as practical.  This time she's travelling in aid of the Brain Tumour Charity and their Imogen Whitby Fund, a local tragedy that caught Daisy's heart. And the aim this time is to cover 1,000 miles in the next 20+ weeks.  Which should take her to Edinbugh or – who knows?  Before turning back for home.

She's started a new blog on Facebook 'Syds Plods goes North'.  She also now has a Just Giving page, 'Syds Plods goes North', with a donation code SYDS 73 you can text to 70070, followed by £1, £2, £3, £5 or £10.

Watch this space, and follow her blog.  And please donate, every little helps