Horse & Cart Hire


Loading up at Banbury Canal DaySilver Wedding Anniversary in BrailesCarrying the Lord Mayor in Bicester Carnival

Special Occasions Galore

We've had the fun and privilege of providing transport or entertainment for a wide variety of occasions.

Giving rides at Family Parties, to entertain the kids and guests, or providing transport for a special Family event.

Taking out a party or a couple on a special day or Anniversary, or delivering the young men or ladies to their first Proms.

Giving rides to the general public at major events, from Village Fetes to Major Shows, Beer Festivals to Steam Rallies.    Our Lads stay rock solid in the crowds and noise, the colour and frenzied activity of the Morris Dancers, the rattle and hiss of traction engines, even the guns of the Sealed Knot or the arrival of a helicopter.

We've carried the Mayor in a Carnival Procession, taken the Holy Man to the Muslim Temple (that was different….), carried the band for Christmas Carols through the deep snow,

We've provided traditional transport in an outdoors play, appeared on TV and radio, have carried headboards front and rear for Company Promotion or Collecting for Charity.

Whatever the event or occasion, the colourful and traditional sight of our big Lads arriving always causes a stir.  And arriving at night, the lights twinkling in the mist of steam rising from our Lads as they pull up, has a fascination all of its own.