Horse & Cart Hire


They have picnic lunch too.Any carrots?Climbing to the picnic spot.

Try something different.

Enjoy a relaxing ride aboard our comfortable Waggon drawn by two Heavy Horses, taking in the delights of our countryside at a gentle 4mph.

Plod to an off-road picnic spot, or call in at a few local Inns for a beer or Lunch.  The Horses will have theirs and wait patiently for you all.

Full cover if too wet – or too hot.  Plus side curtains if too wild as well.

The wagon will seat 8 adults comfortably, but we’ve had more on.  And kids will pack into the corners in large numbers.

Trips normally last up to 3 hours for a picnic, but time scales are as relaxed as the journey.  So please never come if you have to rush.